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Replacement for Hp 516479-121 Laptop Battery

Hp 516479-121 battery
  • Item Name: Replacement for Hp 516479-121 battery
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Warranty: One Year Warranty
  • Guarantee: 30 Days Money Back
  • Capacity: 7200mAh
  • Volt: 10.8V
  • Color: Black
  • Usually ships in the same business day.
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  • 10.8V 7200mAh Black
Compatible part#
  • Hp 516479-121
  • Hp HSTNN-DB94
  • Hp HSTNN-DB95
  • Hp HSTNN-IB93
  • Hp HSTNN-IB94
  • Hp HSTNN-IB95
  • Hp HSTNN-LB93
  • Hp HSTNN-LB94
  • Hp HSTNN-LB95
  • Hp HSTNN-OB93
  • Hp HSTNN-OB94
  • Hp HSTNN-XB93
  • Hp HSTNN-XB94
  • Hp HSTNN-XB95
  • Hp NU089AA
  • Hp NU090AA
Fit models
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2001TX
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2003tu
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2005tx
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2010el
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2010et
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2016tx
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2018tx
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2026tx
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2030ef
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2032tx
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2080eo
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2110eg
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2110er
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2114tx
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2116tx
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2128tx
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2145tx
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2301tx
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2303tx
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2307tx
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2314tx
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2320tx
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2324tx
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2327tx
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2329tx
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3-2350el
  • Hp Pavilion Dv3t-2000
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Why buy the Hp 516479-121 battery from us?
  1. High Quality - Made from high quality Li-ion cells(Japan), though this replacement Hp 516479-121 battery is not a original one, it is manufactured to meet or exceed the specifications of the original brand manufacturer.
  2. Low Price - The all products are sold at factory price. There is much more to getting the best deal than just the lowest price.
  3. Secure Shopping - Salebatt.com is a completely safe environment to purchase in. Our store features the latest SSL Encryption along with the industry's most advanced security software.
  4. Warranty - The Hp 516479-121 laptop battery have 30 days money back and one year warranty.
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