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Replacement for Toshiba Satellite C655D Laptop CPU Cooling Fan

Toshiba Satellite C655D fan
  • Item Name: Replacement for Toshiba Satellite C655D fan
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  • Warranty: 180 Days Warranty!
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  • Package: 1x CPU Cooling Fan
  • Remark: Heatsink not included
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  • Satellite C655D fan
Five Reasons to Replace Your Laptop Fan and Heatsink
  1. Just like any other moving part, the Toshiba Satellite C655D fan can break down over time. After enough use, even the best fans are bound to stop working. If a fan becomes damaged or broken, it must be replaced.
  2. Excessive noise is actually not a problem in and of itself. Rather, it is a symptom of a failing fan. If a user is hearing excessive noise coming from their machine, it is possible that the fan has come loose, which is a problem that can be rectified.
  3. A heatsink can actually melt if it becomes too hot, and if this happens, the heatsink will not work properly. When a heatsink begins to melt, it is time to get a new heatsink.
  4. Direct problems with the fan or heatsink are not the only cases that require a new Toshiba Satellite C655D fan and heatsink. Upgrades to the system, such as adding a new graphics card or replacing the processing unit, RAM, and motherboard could all necessitate a new fan and heatsink.
  5. Running powerful software is another indirect issue that may necessitate a new fan and heatsink. User will install a new processor if the current one struggles to run the software, but a new fan and heatsink can provide a temporary fix. It will keep the processor cool, which will prevent the motherboard from being irreparably damaged.